Throughout the history, during specific times, specific nations led the world. Power of these leading nations centered in specific cities. These cities served as the capitals of their countries as well as the extended regions around them. At any given stage, nations have been competing through their central cities. These cities have been monuments of culture, art, freedom and democracy throughout the history of civilization. The great metropolitan centers of old civilizations in our region are reminiscent of the glory days.


The Turkish Republic was founded in the early 20th century. In the 1950s the country started showing major signs of democratic improvement. At the beginning of the 21st century visionary leadership took the country into the fast track for major developments.

The Turkish Nation with its long history and deep-rooted ancestry will contribute to the developments in the next millennium for a more civilized and peaceful world.

Istanbul has been one the precious centers of civilization throughout the history of mankind. We must protect and preserve this great center of culture and knowledge from many threats, both natural and man-made. To ensure that this heritage lives forever, we must construct a new city in an area adjacent to the existing metropolis with a lower risk of an earthquake impact. This city must be modern, must fully display our culture and must be unyielding in the face of earthquakes, tsunami and other natural threats. This city must be like an ever-shining star for the whole region.

Our new city must serve as an example for other planned cities around the country. These new cities will become sources for education, employment and production.

This new model city will bring in a sustainable, healthy and peaceful growth. We are willing to undertake this responsibility of building such cities to serve our nation, history and belief. We hope this effort will constitute a new beginning for the good of our nation.

Musa Yetimoğlu 



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